Thursday, January 03, 2008

it's coming...

There's a sense of impending, well not quite doom exactly, but something. The walking trail and beach are deserted. The rocks are covered with seagulls, complaining that the barometer is dropping. (My skull bones and migraine-brain feel it too). The first push of surf and clouds are coming on shore, and the trees are beginning to toss with the wind. I hurried along my familiar mile, glad for knit vest, hat and mitts. Home now, taking a break from knitting the BFF sock, there's a cozy fire crackling in the fireplace, hot orchid oolong tea in hand. As the first drops of rain pattered on the roof, all three cats came blasting in through the cat door, less delighted than I am for the much-needed rain. Oh, you poor things. You'll have to be consoled with tuna for dinner and a spot by the fire.


Marianne said...

Once again I'm completely delighted with your photos... thank you... while reading I could almost actually see the 'kids' exploding through the cat door!
Sounds like a good night to stay cozy inside.
(I hope you didn't get migraine)

Alison said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous beach photos. And I love that new Malabrigo-yarn vest way up there!

--AlisonH at