Sunday, January 27, 2008

Still raining, still raining...

I've always loved that song and it's definitely true here. We've had an hour or two here and there of clearing, but it's been absolutely pouring down all day, with accompanying thunder; and that's after almost a month of heavy rains. Awesome, I just love it, and we needed it. The cats, however, are glum and have taken to their beds. We are burning the last of our firewood, so it's a good thing I finished this today:

Sean's Petrol Vest, in Malabrigo Tortuga. I absolutely loved this yarn. (Insert Homer Simpson Drooling sound) The feel, the colors, the fabric, all of it. We'll see how it wears. Brigid has already drooled on it, and all three cats have "helped" during the knitting. Brutus wouldn't give it up last night as I was doing the ribbing on one of the armholes.
All this rain has really made things look beautiful, colors in trees and rocks just look gorgeous, like this screwy willow tree down the street.

So now what project next? I was thinking of EZ Ribwarmer, in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Peru, colorway Rook-y. I want it to be oversized, and extra long, not cropped, so I'll have to look hard at the pattern. But I'm also thinking of Imogen, which is in my queue. Sigh, so many wonderful yarns and things to knit, not enough arms. Speaking of which, my left shoulder rotator cuff problem is no better. I feel like I have a broken wing, but
I'm hoping that the exercises and time will fix it.
One last photo, to give hope to everyone that spring is around the corner.

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Marianne said...

Ahhhhh, Jimi. That's also a very favourite of mine, during a rainy spell here I even whacked the words to that song on a post :^) I raised my kids listening to Jimi, my oldest is quite the Jimihead and would sing along..... especially when he hit his older teen years and dude, he and Jimi sang quite the duet!
The vest is spectacular, I clicked on the photo, those colours are beyond yummy, very nicely knit. I also enjoyed seeing the green shrubbery in the background, very refreshing.
Ribwarmer has been on my list for years, heh, just love that pattern! Imogen is a lovely design and of course the Rook-y colourway is a favourite also!
Both great projects and I'll be looking forward to seeing which one wins out :^)
Is that your ornamental plum? mmmmm, a veritable tangle of buds to open and the blooms are sweeeeeet!
I hope your shoulder heals soon, I had a problem with my left shoulder last Spring and I started manipulating a muscle or tendon, nudging it back where it should be so I'm thinking nothing was torn, just out of place because it's been much better.
Keep up the exercises.