Sunday, February 03, 2008

My cat has bling

Two finished knitting objects. I've been hunting for the perfect yarn to make a sweater for my granddog, Lil Dude. He's an elderly rescue Shih-tzu with skin issues and has trouble staying warm. I finally found some yarn that is manly, yet has a little bling. It's acrylic and wool, and has a little silvery stripe running alongside the blue yarn. It knit up quite soft and not too flashy. With no dog to model, poor Brutus cat was pressed into service. It took three tries and some treats, and was accompanied by a lot of very vocal complaints. No blood was drawn, and he was released, unharmed (except for his dignity, since we did laugh).

The other item is a scarf for Tasha. The pattern is Rainy Day scarf, and the yarn I scored at Monarch Knitting's fabulous sale last weekend. It's called Kashmir, yummy cashmere and silk, color Lime, from Trendsetter Yarns. I tried several stitch patterns and nothing was singing until I tried this.

We did have a couple days of sunshine, so I was able to capture a lovely view during lunch at the beach, near China Point. Then we went back to two more days of delicious rain and wild clouds; you can see them coming in the background of this photo:

The rest of the week is supposed to be clear, just in time for the golf tournament. There will be no beach lunches, as Pebble Beach will be overrun.

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Marianne said...

Heh.... poor Brutus.... I had to laugh, please don't tell him though.... that's a great looking dog sweater, how sweet of you.
The scarf pattern is beautiful... I have some of that yarn in the stash, also picked up hugely discounted, it is so very soft!
Thank you so much for the photos you post of the ocean... the rocks... the waves... the sky.