Monday, February 11, 2008

no words necessary

We don't usually get vivid sunsets here, unless there's been a volcano I don't know about, or forest fires, so this was a real treat. Although the extensive contrails are a little troubling. Global dimming and all, you know. But spotting the tiny new crescent moon is always a thrill to me.

The Ekeby vest is finished. Since it is mostly holes, it was fairly fast; it's light and has nice drape, and not terribly warm. Mostly decorative. Oh, and it serves to slow me down as I go racing around doing my usual 4011 things at once, by catching on doorknobs and stuff. Useful. I may decide to try a tiny bit of controlled fulling, to make it tighter, with smaller holes and more body.

1 comment:

Marianne said...

The vest is fantastic and looks great on you... my clothes are always getting snagged on hardware on doorjambs... which is weird, I KNOW that stuff is there...
It's plenty roomy for a bit of fulling to happen, eh? I like the idea.

Beautiful sunset.