Friday, February 08, 2008

Confirming evidence that "it itches"

This lunch view is one of my favorite spots. Today the sheep were gathered around the old wagon at Mission Ranch, taking turns rubbing their heads, ears, noses, flanks and fuzzy bums on the corners and wheels. Between turns at itch relief, they were lolling in the shade, grazing and butting heads. It must be spring.

Does anyone know what kind of sheep these are? Apparently, they are hoping to contribute to this book.

Work yesterday was such a chore; the view from the deck of the house was this:

Yes, I know I sound like such a brat. But balance the occasional gorgeous view with several hours of hard work scrubbing windows in the blazing glare of the sun, or freezing gusts of wind that threaten to blow your around the corner and off the deck, dogs that want to bite you in the axx when you aren't looking or bark like maniacs at your sprayer, thorny branches that snag your hair and arms, and spiders that jump off the window frames and down your shirt (actually I prefer the spiders to inch-thick mold growing on the window frames of some houses). Just so you know.

The Ekeby vest is coming along nicely. I hope it blocks into something more like the picture; currently the finished front can be stretched into a rather holey car cover. I did figure out that the clip-on stitch markers worked perfectly for tracking all the cast offs and cast ons and knit x numbers of stitches that was driving me so crazy. It seems I cannot count random numbers of stitches while watching this and reading subtitles. At the same time. Go figure.

I did nearly jerk all the stitches clean off the needles when I glanced up and saw a flying saucer out the living room window. Seriously. This:

Sadly, it was not beneficent all-knowing aliens here to save us from ourselves. It turned out to be this.
But still very eerie, watching it silently drift in sideways on the wind, across the bay towards the airport.
Last, some lovely yarn pron. Sock yarn from the Knittery. Merino Slim sock yarn in Bloody Mary and Royal Velvet and cashmere merino blend sock in Forest Moss. mmmm.


Marianne said...

Heh, helloooo Clint.
I have no idea what kind of sheep those are... I just know it looks like some nice yarn on the hoof. What a lovely sight though,eh?
Inch thick mold, blech.. but I do love those spiders :^) (I still do a spider dance when they jump on me but I'm very careful not to hurt them)(do they have ears?)
Those dogs need a nice visit with Cesar.
The Ekeby vest is looking good, those are great colours, and yeah, I would've lost the stitches.
Beautiful sock yarn, mmmmmm is quite accurate, especially on that Forest Moss colourway...see the little violets?

catmum said...

yes, most dogs I love and like me okay. I used to work for a vet. There was one dog though, it was a dingo, and the owner was in denial. "she wouldn't bite a biscuit." But she would wait till I was busy washing the windows, and sneak up behind me and then nip my butt and bark like a maniac and then run off laughing. Maybe cuz I was always thinking the Seinfeld line "a dingo ate your baby" in my head.

Doushura said...

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