Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Dude, subdued

but he is home. Brutus came through his surgery okay. The vet is an angel, she has called twice to see how her "big guy" is doing, and thrilled to hear he's eating with such good appetite. She fell in love with him right away, though she laughingly related that he hissed at her and said "bad cat words" to her constantly. He had a massive abscess in his jaw, and what she called "old man teeth." He was in surgery a long time, with more lab tests and an ultrasound on his belly. She kept samples of jaw bone and tissue she removed, just in case; she can't yet rule out cancer. He is eating, still a little wonky with walking, but definitely more comfortable. Sleeping a lot, nothing new there. There are still some unexplained symptoms, but we shall just have to wait and see.

While he was gone, the girls were pretty subdued too. At one point Zoe was very interested in what I was doing on the computer.

She has watched cat videos with me on my Mac before, so perhaps she was wondering how Brutus had gotten inside, since he wasn't at home.

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Marianne said...

Oh, poor Brutus, I'm so glad to hear he came through surgery alright, big ouch on the abscess..
I'm glad he's home.
Sending him my best.