Tuesday, April 22, 2008

more knitting, less blogging

I realized today, after reading someone else's blogiversary post, that this week marks two years for Cats Knit and Tango. Hopefully what I find still entertaining and inspiring to post is amusing to others, though I mostly do it as a form of visual and verbal exercise. I have wondered occasionally, what happens to someone's blog after they die? I've never kept a journal or diary, that might be found and read 100 years from now. What will become of all the online
murmuring of blogs in the years to come?
I guess my knitting projects will survive, at least for awhile, but they too are ephemeral in the end.
I finished the toe up socks, thank you again, Amy, for the yarn.

I've also continued to race along on the Mystery Socks, from Goddess Knits. Love the yarn from the Knittery, in Australia. Who wouldn't love cashmere and merino together? I think these will be gifted; I hope they wear well.

I am plugging along on the man socks in Fleece Artist Somoko. The yarn fabric is beautiful, it fairly glows with the silk content. Mohair, silk and merino should make it long-wearing, I hope so. I just hope it is up to the challenge of daily wear in Dansko clogs by hard-working man feet.

Work on Imogen has resumed. From zero. I nearly had the whole back done when I realized I had made a hideous error. Again. Again with not fully reading-understanding-following instructions. Straight stitch does not = knitting straight. After a night spent trying to dodge the inevitable, I ripped out a month's worth of knitting, and began again. This photo is all that remains of the "wrong" version, there's not enough worth showing of the restart, but it has promise, and the yarn is so lovely, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Peru, from the Raven series, Thraven.

I also cast on for a scarf for Wendy for combined Mother's Day and birthday gift. Since she cannot wear wool, I'm always on the lookout for the right combination of color and agreeable yarn. I found Schaefer Patty, which is 100% silk, in the Rosa Parks colorway, gorgeous stuff. No picture yet, not enough progress to be picture-worthy.

I'm also noodling on a sock design of my own, in Shibui
with cables and other nonsense. Given my penchant for not being able to follow anyone else's instructions, and having 811 projects going at once, there are no promises.
And finally, instead of blogiversary cake, a view toward Cypress Point:


Amy said...

Yay, all of the socks look great and I can't wait to see Imogen.

Missed seeing you tonight!

Marianne said...

I've given that 'thought' some pondering time also... wondering about abandoned blogs, for whatever reasons...
Hmmm, looking over your gorgeous socks, perhaps my knitting mojo decided to just hang out with yours for awhile, eh?
Aah, Imogen.... it's a good thing that yarn is so very pretty....
"we don't need no stinkin' cake" when there are photos like that to be enjoyed :^D
I'm glad you're 'here'.

Paula said...

Look at all those socks. A woman after my own heart.I am nearing the end of two second socks now. Have about 4? more going