Saturday, May 31, 2008

Coming up (briefly) for air

No rest for the wicked, that's for sure.
There have been acres of filthy windows to clean. more filthy windows
There have been views to savor in the midst of filthy windows.
A view from work
There have been new-to-me foods to cook and taste for the first time; these fiddlehead ferns came all the way from Canada to Trader Joe's.
Fiddlehead greens and mushrooms

It is also our job to annoy sleepy cats pretending to be innocent

And to be thrilled by a slightly less domestic one that we glimpsed on our way to a job this morning.
Glorious gardens that give us visual pleasure as well as a giggle (because they symbolize pissing contests between neighbors who have more money than is seemly) Carmel cottage garden

And these feral delights running free, which are much more our style:
Nasturtium riot

And between bringing clean and light to the filthy-windowed homes of the Peninsula, time for nourishment and friendship from Sangita in the Tastes of India class
Sangita cooking

And everyday, reminders to take a moment to smell the roses (or petunias, in this case)
Petunia close up

A blossom of a different sort, captured by my father on my 1st birthday, May 31st, 1948.
You say it's your birthday


Marianne said...

Yep, such a wicked woman ;^D
The photos are great, as usual.
I've never eaten fiddleheads.. did you like them?
Amazing snag on the bobcat...
I'm with you on the 'glorious gardens'... all work usually accomplished by the gardener, eh? There are still gardens like that here and there, lovingly nurtured by little old folks for the pure love of the work and the beauty.
Mmmm, nasturtians, we're talking heavenly scents there and I love how they look all watery.

Happy Birthday, Dearheart (yesterday, sorry I'm late)
Celebrations? all weekend long? :^) Love the photo!

June said...

Beautiful photos and Happy Birthday! Enjoy your weekend!

smariek said...

Beautiful photos! I have seen photos of fiddleheads but have never eaten them. How do you cook them? What do they taste like? Did you like them? Will you eat them again?

Happy Birthday!