Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's so hot here, we all had baths

Brutus, all wet
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Record temperatures being set here. Not a good sign.
We came home from window cleaning in blistering temperatures to find all three cats totally melted and looking miserable. I'm sure I could hear their plaintive voices in a chorus of "Baths for all!"
Zoe Godzilla, all wet, post bath

Brigid on bath day

It was so hot in the house (historically, we have no need for air conditioning), the two girl cats were dry almost immediately after their baths. They both had a complementary Furminator brush styling and were silky and beautiful. Although Brigid wasn't satisfied with the stylist's work, and spent the next three hours rearranging every hair several times.

Brigid, post bath
("Yuck, I have wet cat fur on my tongue")

Poor Brutus, as an old codger-cat, has given up on grooming altogether (and he used to be such a "sharp-dressed man"). He hates being brushed and it's almost like his fur felts after a bath. He had several short sessions out on the deck of cajoling, brushing and coddling and treats, followed by our own baths, and bandaids.
Brutus on bath day

It's already hot again this morning. I am certain all three of them have been out rolling in the dirt. There may be more baths for all today.


Marianne said...

oooooo, you are one brave catmum!
I've been watching the temps out there, YIKES!
Sounds like our summer... keep to the shade, the fans going and a spray bottle for misting... and don't.move.
be.very.still. :^)


smariek said...

Hot hot hot! I'm not used to this weather and I kinda miss fog, lol. Poor kitties. I'm so glad I don't have fur.