Thursday, June 19, 2008

I haven't fallen in a hole

...yet. There has been knitting. I finished the Tesserae socks for Sean.
Tesserae socks
I cast on for this beauty, it's by Kate Gilbert, in Shibui yarn.

Also cast on for Wollmeise socks, in her colorway Guinea Pig I.
Wollmeise Tropicana sock in progress
I tried a couple other patterns, but it just didn't sing to me, so I went with Tropicana, originally from Magknits, and now I imagine, on Ravelry. I've also been plugging away on the Bigfoot lace shawl. No pictures, we all know what lace-in-progress looks like...nothing to get excited about.

The cats have been entertaining and silly as always. It's very hot today, so Brutus, who is usually photophobic, slept quietly through his photoshoot.

Brutus sleeping like a baby

And there have been the usual days in paradise to put up with:
Pebble Beach


Tan said...

Verra beautiful. The socks and the Paradise.

smariek said...

Beautiful socks!

Cats, like toddlers, look so sweet when they're sleeping. lol.

Marianne said...

The Tesserae socks are gorgeous, I really like that design... Anne's mind, just boggles mine...
The Piccola is gorgeous as well.
AND another sock cast on?

Brutus has so many lovely colours, and I wanted to give him just the lightest of tummy tickle.

Mmmm, paradise, must be rough ;^) but you know how I love seeing that water, all those luscious blues, thank you!
(apparently I am down the hole...)

June said...

Your socks are wonderful and the ocean is beautiful, as always. I do miss the sea, living inland at present. So glad to see photo of Brutus. Was wondering how he is doing, but was afraid to ask.