Sunday, August 31, 2008

Knitting the days together

More socks! It's funny how obsessed I remain with socks. When I first started knitting a few years ago I was baffled by other people's sock obsessions, and swore I would never make socks. Not even one pair! Somewhere, somehow, I blinked, and, not counting all the miniature socks I've made, I think I'm approaching forty pairs. These are the third pair of WendyKnits' Nanners pattern; toe-up are my new favorite method, they are great for using up almost every bit of yarn, saving just enough for mending. This is Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn, called Flower Power, an episode from last year's sock club. I did 1x1 ribbing on the sole instep, instead of plain stockinette. It makes for a lovely close fit, and I don't notice any irritation from it. I have several unfinished projects on the needles, but even as I was working on these I was eyeing the yarn stash and perusing patterns and ideas for what socks to do next. Like cookies and kittens, there are so many that call out to me.

Our busiest work season is beginning to wind down a little, which leaves more time and energy for enjoying the view...
Sailboats, Carmel Bay
Mission Ranch fields
"you woke us up from our nap!"
....messing with cats
Brutus cat
Brigid and Brutus
knitting more socks...
Birthday socks for Toby
and enjoying lots of cooking for pleasure as well as nourishment (I've made Indian food three times this week).

I was lucky enough to get into the Wollmeise sock club; the first shipment from that will be coming in September, so I know need to have a clean slate ready to cast on when that arrives. I have unfinished socks, a lace shawl and a sweater already on the needles, but I'm compelled, zombie-like, to begin yet another pair. I never know when this obsession might abandon me.


yelley said...

you're in the sock club!? i am still trying to just get a skein of the stuff.... need to see what all the hype is about!

midgeling said...

Love those photos! You always have such beautiful shots. And congrats on the Wollmeise! You raise a good point. I need to finish up the other 2 pairs I have on the needles to get ready!

smariek said...

Love your gorgeous photos. I'm still in that baffled phase but intend to try socks someday.

Marianne said...

GORgeous photos, as usual, guess which is my favourite :^)
I am impressed, 40 pairs!
May your sock mojo always be with you!

Marianne said...

OK, besides the photos of the cats...
I just checked out that sock club, Congratulations for getting to be a member!

Denise said...

Lovely photos. I like the label you made for your socks. I haven't thought of that, it's a great idea.