Monday, August 25, 2008

More cooking from the heart

Sangita and Arijit shared another wonderful Tastes of India event Saturday night. As always we enjoyed wonderful appetizers while Arijit showed videos and we discussed geography, history, culture and their impact on regional cooking and tastes. The dishes Sangita prepared and taught were typical of southern Indian dishes. First, there was flavorful poha and a wonderful spicy lhassi with green chiles and toasted spices to go with it. Then we gathered around and observed the preparation of the main dishes, which were Sambhar, a rich lentil curry made with a variety of fresh vegetables, and medu vada, a dumpling made from urad dal and spices. As you can tell from the video, the evenings are filled with laughter and wonderful, nutritious dishes, always an adventure in flavors. Food for body, heart and soul.


Marianne said...

Mmmm, I could almost smell all the goodness. Another great Saturday night!

Naomi said...

oh, i love indian food. love it love it love it. what a wonderful way to spend an evening! thanks for sharing, it made me smile ^_^