Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Diet strategy

Brigid cat
Originally uploaded by tangocatmum
Despite our fairly stringent food-limiting schemes, Brigid cat has continued to get rounder and rounder. We suspect soft-hearted neighbors in all directions may be succumbing to her charms, so I laminated a sign, similar in intention to the scarlet letter, in four languages. The original signage was much larger, and has been trimmed down to slightly less humiliating size, but hopefully no less effective. Brigid, apparently, can read, and is not thrilled.
Now I need one for me.


Marianne said...

Snort :^)
I need one for myself as well only... I'd need to write it backwards and/or upside down so I'd actually see it and read it.

Daniele said...

That picture is priceless!! :)

Fotomeister said...

Maybe she's a good hunter? I do like the sign, in multiple languages ta boot!