Friday, November 14, 2008

Heavenly week

My daughter has been visiting me this week. We've gone walking along the beaches every day. Today we saw rainbows in the spray blowing off the peaks of the waves as they broke.

It's been a heavenly week.


Skylark said...

Great sounds. I can almost feel the spray and catch a whiff of salt and kelp. Peace

Marianne said...

Mmmm, 6 minutes of pure delight, how I miss hearing the ocean. I saw rainbows :^)
Thank you.

Wonderful for you and your daughter, this past week, it was time for a heavenly week, eh?

nanaknits said...

Absolutely beautiful! A lovely interlude of ocean for this land locked and half frozen midwesterner.

Thank you

Jerry'63 said...

Lovely Claire...reminds me of hours at Hatteras, where my ashes will be deposited in a receding tide at sunset the bottom of the dunes by the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge.


Jerry'63 said...

Lovely Claire...did you take it...or find on You-tube. I love such things. Reminds me of all my days at Hatteras....I am such a beach type. "Such tides as moving seems alseep, turn again home..." My ashes will be at a point about l.2 miles down from the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge on the Outer Banks...
Lee has instructions to put them there at sunset on a receding tide after writing my name in the sand, to the strains of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D!


DeEtta said...

Hi Claire,
Your photos and words about the Peninsula make me miss my old home scenes.......i try to forget that it is such a beautiful place. Your poetry and love keep you filled up.