Thursday, November 20, 2008

On the job today

outside the master bedroom
Amazing views at an amazing house. Lots of windows and skylights and glass to clean. Too tired to blog, but wanted to share some pictures.

The view from one side of the house:
View from the house and decks

sitting room

Kitchen interior, incredible house

Gorgeous old wood and furnishings, a well-loved historic house. It even has a functional wood-burning stove in the kitchen (as well as gas and all the most modern conveniences). There were herds of deer running through and wild turkeys in the woods on the other side of the house, as well as red-tailed hawks playing in the wind overhead.

And when we got home, our faithful expectant Brutus:
Faithful Brutus, waiting for us when we get home

"Time to eat? What did you bring me?"


Marianne said...

Brutus :^D

Wow. Now that IS one amazing/incredible house, love the wood, the views, everything. Thanks for taking the time and getting the photos.

Daniele said...