Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Clone wars

Clones. That's exactly what I need. Just think how much I could get done!

Clone wars

window cleaning in the heat
Not for window cleaning, heck no, I mean the important stuff: knitting!
I've had a frenzy of start-itis, casting on new projects daily, willy nilly; multiple socks, mittens, hats, vests, scarves, shawls. They are everywhere, spilling off shelves, in closets, on the coffee table, desk, sofa, in chairs. It's a good thing the cats are totally disinterested in anything wooly or yarn-related.
And please, oh please don't show me another cool project on Ravelry or in Knitty/Knotions/Twist or any in magazines. I have enough projects on the needles to last me well into 2010, and yet, still there is a chorus of little yarny voices in my head: "me me me, pick me, knit me, too!"

Here's a few of the finished items:
mittens and headband for Khushi
Mittens for Chloe and Wendy
Fallish socks for Sean
And here's the parade of only a few of the UFOs (the ones I can find this moment):

Twisted Logic sock, in Fleece Artist Casbah
Inside Out sock, STR mill ends
Spiral sock, STR heavyweight Fluorite
Cabled sock in Noro Silk Garden Sock
Tropicana sock, in Wollmeise Guinea Pig
Girls hooded poncho


Rachel said...

Wow! Look at all that beautiful knitting. You are a knitting maniac! :)

Marianne said...

Yowza! Beautiful knitting indeed!
I keep thinking about that cloning thing (FAB photo) too... I'd have several just knitting socks :^)
I like your shoes. Red? and the other pair Blue?

Eryka Jackson said...

Thank you! I no longer feel alone! I have three projects sitting in bed with me now and I have to get them finished or I will just go crazy. Or maybe I can just move two of them to my desk....