Saturday, December 06, 2008

The things I've seen

This week, at least.
Rust as art:
rust art
rust art
rust art

Someone took the effort to inlay old salvaged tile and pottery in some Carmel stone steps:
Decorated steps in Carmel
Carmel steps

And then there was this day. One of our regular window cleaning jobs on the coast. A very noisy surf day, lots of mist in the air. Just around the curve of the cove a house having it's old windows replaced (a regular necessity when one has giant picture windows in a house right on the ocean). I call this set "Plate Glass Pie in the Sky"

Crane removing plate glass
Crane removing plate glass

1 comment:

Marianne said...

No kidding! That'd be one hell of an 'install fee'. Mercy.

I have to admit I love old metal that's rusted, tarnished, oxidized, etc... the colours can be quite astounding, plus toss in the patterning. Yowza.

Really nice tile/pottery work on those steps. Like a bit of treasure.