Monday, January 05, 2009


It was a surprise. Thirty-six years ago, I was full-term size at Thanksgiving. No baby. No baby. No baby. At Christmas the doctor ordered an x-ray. Surprise! Twins. New Year's Eve I started having some light labor pains. The neighbors next door invited me over for a party, but instead I went to bed. No baby(ies). Finally, the morning of the 5th, Ryan and Rachel decided it was the right time. And they were still the first baby(ies) of the year for Pacific Grove-Pebble Beach!
First babies of the year, 1973
Happy birthday, my sweet, grown-up, stubborn, triple Capricorn kids!
Rachel, Claire, Ryan, January, 1973

Here they are, a few days later, with their fairy (or rather, fuzzy) godmother, Ziggy. She was the best guardian in the world, loved those two babies as if they were here own, fussed over them and screened all visitors for worth. However, after a few sleepless nights (it was pretty much round the clock feeding and diaper changing for several weeks initially), Ziggy decided she needed her sleep, and moved her bed down the hall.
dear Ziggy, Ryan and Rachel, January 1973

Ryan, Claire and Rachel, january 1973
I still have the braids, though somehow, mysteriously, they have turned grey.


Marianne said...

Happy Happy Birthday wishes to Rachel and Ryan!
A special Happy Birth Day to you!
You were a beautiful young mum :^) and those babies are beyond beautiful. My mouth dropped open reading you were full term at Thanksgiving and then having them 5 Jan! I think it safe for us all to chime in with a big Mercy!
Aardron, my first-born, Sun,Moon, and Ascending all in Capricorn, I know just what you mean :^)
His bd is the 15th, Havala's was the 3rd, lots of January birthdays around here ;^)

Rachel said...

This is exactly what I told my mother today, she was *such* a beautiful young mum! I'm not sure how we waited until January 5 or how she was able to do it (or how any young mum is able to do it...) Hats off to all mums, really! Looking at the pics of sweet Ziggy made me want a fuzzy protective guardian doggy of my own... thanks mum for the great post and pictures. xoxoox

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Oh, Wow! What fantastic photographs (and -gosh- what a pretty mama)! What a tribute!

Just the thought of going from Thanksgiving into the new year in such full sail makes me want to go hide somewhere! Well done!

Happy Birthday, Rachel and Ryan!

Eryka Jackson said...

What a beautiful tribute...I think I will call my mom now! BTW, Happy birthday Rachel and Ryan