Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Once again, I've been inspired out of my usual cooking rut by the Tastes of India classes, taught by lovely Sangita and her husband, Arijit. I managed a short walk to the store between rainstorms today for fresh cilantro and green chiles, and started working on some of the dishes we sampled last Friday evening.
Dosa, which resembles a crepe, made from a creamy lentil-rice batter, is stuffed with a savory mixture of cooked smashed potatoes, green chiles, ginger and other spices. In the bowl is sambhar, slow simmered with lots of fresh vegetables and toor dal, a specific type of red split pulse. I'm so glad the classes at the Monterey Adult Evening School have started again, and to have these fragrances filling my kitchen.

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happy said...


Looks wonderfull, I am glad you could do this.

This is also in your Facebook.

Here is a plug for our website also (haha)

We have the "recipe of the month" and lots of new pictures under "our classes".

Sangita & Arijit

Marianne said...

Mmmm, I want to come to dinner at your place :^)

I used to not like cilantro, tasted like... or what I would think dirty dish soap water... I know, eww. But then I took salt and sugar out of my diet (didn't use salt, just kept foods low sodium) and after a few weeks I tasted cilantro again and loved it, still do.