Sunday, February 15, 2009


Brigid is monopolizing my lap today as I sit and knit on the toe-up Embossed Leaves socks. I covered her with an old swatch so that the sock and yarn doesn't tickle her. The rain is really coming down, so we can hear it on the roof. It doesn't get any better than this.

Posted by ShoZu

This shot was almost immediately followed by Brutus deciding he needed warm furniture too.

"What?" "There's plenty of room."

Needless to say, not much more knitting got accomplished, and now both cats have abandoned me to sit in front of the fire.


Eryka Jackson said...

that is so cute!

Aspasia said...

I love the looks they're giving the camera!

One of mine likes to lie in my arms like a baby and have his belly rubbed. Very cute, but needless to say it limits getting anything else done (like moving)!

Marianne said...

LOVIN' these photos, and yep, pouring rain outdoors, warm and snug with the cat-faced kids and knitting indoors, ahhhh. Let's have a cuppa while we visit :^)

happy said...


I know Brutus loves Indian foods, can we use him as a poster child for our classes :)

Maybe we can make a video with Brutus saying "I want my curry lick" and link it into

We need more hits haha :) Sorry Brutus.

Arijit & Sangita