Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In love...again

After the bliss of finishing Wisteria last month, I've been wanting to tackle another big project, and have been looking at gazillions of sweaters on Ravelry. I settled on the Scholar's Jacket, from Cheryl Oberle's book, Knitted Jackets.
It has so many details I love: cables, a collar, variety of texture, a classic and cozy shape, generous length, forgiving shape. And pockets. I adore pockets. I have often made clothing-choice decisions strictly on the basis of pockets. Must.Have.Pockets. On my planet the perfect boyfriend is not only funny, smart, thoughtful, cat-loving, quirky, tender, a good cook, but also has built-in pockets.

I'm using some Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran that I bought at half price last year, in a color I would never have imagined knitting or wearing a few years ago...it's a deep, earthy, foresty brownish-green.
It looks exactly like some of our favorite tea, 1989 aged green Pu-Erh from Imperial Tea Court.
So I'm calling this my Tea Scholar's Jacket.

I've been knitting feverishly along for the last two days, feeling rather like the movie "The Red Shoes," and had to force myself to stop for awhile today and do housework and errands. I know. I'm at the point where I divide for pockets.

It's so nice to be in love again. But it is early in the relationship. I've been in love before.

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Marianne said...

Hee. I've been watching your Ravelry queue popping up on my 'activity' page, this is a fabulous cardi choice!
The yarn DOES look like the tea, in colour, SO very pretty in that earthy way (I love).