Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Sheriff in Town

Imagine little tiny guns on those hips. Actually Bunny is the sweetest, most lap-loving ancient (she's 16) little girl cat imaginable. But so far she hasn't let any of the resident fur-idiots push her around, although they all outweigh her. She glares and hisses if they get too close or too curious. These first two weeks' introductions have been on a limited basis, involving supervision and yummy treats.

Bunny has had time to explore the house on her own, and the other three suddenly have discovered they are best friends.

We are taking a very patient approach, knowing that cats hate change and there tend to be more problems with older cat introductions. But how could anyone not love this face?

On the knitting front, there have been some lovely as well as goofy FO's:

Two Fern Lace scarves, one out of Sanguine Gryphon's Bugga! in Katydid, the other out of HandMaiden Casbah Sock yarn in Amber. Two pairs of languishing socks in Wollmeise, one in Tropicana pattern and the other in a toe-up Jaywalker pattern. Both had been neglected for so long I could barely bring myself to finish them. The dark one ended up having a plain vanilla rib done for the second sock, and I barely paid attention as I knit it, which meant that it doesn't fit me at all, but it fits Sean fine. The second Jaywalker in the Saami colorway won't go over Sean's ankle, and the foot is way too long. I'm going to cut off the toe and graft it, and we will both end up with totally wild, mismatched socks. More fun anyway.
And now I'm consumed with cast-on-itis. Three more socks are begun, and I desperately want to a jacket of some kind for me. Something big and sturdy and cozy. I have lots of aran-weight stuff in stash. I would love an adult Tomten, but don't have the bandwidth to tackle it. Open to suggestions.

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Marianne said...

Hah, your kitties are all funny (best friends, heh) and I agree, Bunny has a sweet sweet face and what beautiful colours in her eyes.

A jacket, eh? I would still try and argue FOR the Tomten. Just because.
I did run across a jacket.. hmmm... I don't think it had a hood though, but it did catch my eye..
Faery Ring (on Ravelry) and it does have a hood and loads of cables ;^)
Glad you're back home.