Monday, May 11, 2009

PeeWee's big adventure

So far so good. Halfway there, with an hour+ layover in Denver. Bunny has been a trouper so far. She hated the descent into Denver, & hissed a couple times (me too).
She liked the long moving walkways, looking at everything & everyone as we passed.
Initially at the St. Louis gate we had a scare. The gate attendant said only one animal was allowed in the cabin, and there was already a dog. A large, uncaged German Shepherd! He's a travel pro that flies weekly all over the country, doing presentations on Service Animals. But then they said no problem. He was a perfect gentleman, three seats across from us. He & the Bunster ignored each other completely.
Fingers crossed for the next leg.

Posted by ShoZu


Marianne said...

Good and safe journey back home.

Eryka Jackson said...

That is so cute! I am glad the bunny had a safe flight. I didn't know they hissed though?