Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rolling breakers in the rain

This is north of Monterey, past Del Monte Beach, where there is a beach webcam, for those of you wanting an almost live view of the ocean:
The coast is acively eroding here, lots of "Danger- Keep Out!" signs.
Very overcast and raining intermittently yesterday, with long rolling breakers, and big booming close-outs. Eventually there was a faint double rainbow
Rainbow, breakers and pelicans
and pelicans crusing above the breakers.

I finished the Waves scarf, this is a shot before blocking. When it's dry it will get mailed to my daughter, hopefully she will still have some cooler weather to wear it.
Waves scarf
Waves scarf, before blocking


Jay said...

I think someone's going to like that a lot.

Marianne said...

It's Beautiful and no worries, she'll get the weather to wear it in ;^)
LOVE the photo with the rainbow, those pelicans cruising above that emerald green wave, sweet!