Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Storm surf pounding shores of Pt. Lobos

We actually worked a bit today, between storms. The tide was quite high, there was no beach whatsoever, at Carmel Beach. The heavy surf had churned up mountains of foam (from the alginate in the kelp) that was blowing back all over the shoreline.
We saw a tiny sea otter, very close to shore, eating his breakfast, and diving every few seconds to escape a pounding by the surf.
Tiny sea otter, eating close to shore and breaking surf
Tiny sea otter, struggling to eat breakfast in the storm surfSea otter, very small, close to shore

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Marianne said...

Amazing catch on the sea otter photos!
We're stormin' here tonight, lightening, rolling thunder, aahhh, bliss. Keep safe :^)