Thursday, May 31, 2007

Better late than never

We took a wonderful tea class last Saturday in SF, at Imperial Tea Court, with Master Roy. The 2007 harvest of Green teas is in, personally scrutinized, manicured and finished, in many cases, by Roy himself. He makes several trips to China every year, and says that the recent changes in the economy and culture have made the tea business very frustrating and difficult. We're glad he persists, and his classes are amazing. We prepared and tasted half a dozen teas, each unique and complex, with many layers of complex flavors and mouth feel. As always, Roy is generous sharing his knowledge and passion for tea. After the class, we all headed across the Bay Bridge to the Berkeley wing of his teahouse, and had a fabulous lunch that Roy describes as ideal home cooking. I had the hand-pulled noodles, Sean the spicy noodles, and we shared the green onion pancakes. Topped off with Special Reserve Puerh, prepared with love by Roy himself...ahh! There is nothing left to say. If you are ever anywhere near the Bay area, this should be a "must" on your schedule.

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