Monday, February 04, 2008

M, these are for you

Achingly beautiful day today. Brisk, bright, clear skies and clean air. Lunch at Carmel Point between jobs today, where a view of the backside of waves rolling into the beach is possible. (Below is the same beach above)

Overhead, the wind currents and thermals were inspiring hundreds of seagulls, as well as smaller numbers of crows, pelicans and Brewer's Blackbirds to swirl and cavort above us. At one point there was a vertical column of birds so thick it looked like a tornado. Within minutes, they were dispersing in all directions.

Welcome to paradise. Now go home


Skylark said...

Thanks, my soul needed that.

Marianne said...

Achingly beautiful, indeed. I clicked on all the photos for the Ginormous view, ahhhh, those blues (must be a thousand hues) and greens, separate and mixed together.....beyond beautiful. Thank you!
I could 'almost' smell all the scents, now, do I HAVE to go home? :^)

nanaknits said...

You sure you didn't mean come visit? All we have here are shades of white and gray...bleah!