Monday, March 03, 2008


I wanted to share some beautiful views of the last few days. After all the rains, everything is green, sprinkled with riots of wildflowers and daffodils gone feral.

Even the ocean seems to be blooming with variations on the blues.

Sorry this is a short post, the pictures can speak for themselves. My heart's not really in it. Our sweet old man-cat, Brutus, is sick. The vet has sent off the labwork, so we shall see.


Marianne said...

Oh nooo, not Brutus... I'm so sorry to hear this, quickly sending some soothing love his way, I hope all goes well.

Smooches died on the 18th and I'm still mourning her...

The photographs say plenty, they're beautiful as usual.

June said...

Beautiful photos, as always. Many prayers and good wishes for your Brutus, and for you, too!